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breaking news tonight. live, south florida. a beautiful young mother of two disappears after driving her two little boys, ages 5 and 9 to school. never seen again. her husband takes to the air waves begging her to come home. police combing every square inch of surrounding area. no good. then on a hunch investigators take a look at crystal lake. there, under water, mommy found slumped over the front seat of the family car. trash bags stuffed over mommy's head and feet. then in a bizarre twist. surveillance video emerges shows
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mommy's car being pushed down the bank into the murky water. the perk's taking his time, riding off calmly on a bicycle like nothing happened. who's the star of the video? daddy. co-star, mommy's dead body. >> and this is a tragic, tragic story. >> it began on march 23rd, 2010. >> please come home. >> she was reported missing by her husband. >> very much so. that i do know that's fact. >> her distraught husband insists they did not argue and everything else was perfectly normal the morning she disappeared. >> we haven't eliminated foul play. >> we made an arrest in a missing person case. >> a tragic end to the case that missing mom -- >> we arrested her husband and charged him with first-degree murder.
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>> the lifeless body is found inside her car submerged in a lake. notice how he composed himself. police tell us he pushed to make that televised plea. all along detectives were suspicious by his entire performance. >> his body language and his actions were not consistent with a grieving husband that, you know, that just lost his wife. while off duty, we were thinking about places where the suspect may have put the car. that's how we rotated the hole in the fence which led to the video, which led to the car. >> he drove the car into the parking lot, then driving the car through the fence, pushing it over the bank, and ultimately the car going into the water. >> and breaking tonight, $1 million mansion. a tv deal, personal stylist, luxury cars, beautiful people, eight beautiful children. they had it all.
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then, allegations daddy's siphoning the last drop of the money to support his girlfriend and his lavish lifestyle. siphoning to the tune of $250,000. allegations of illegal wiretaps, phone taps, bank account, computer surveillance by daddy. a known computer specialist, charges of drug use, ex-rated sleepovers with a female bartender daddy allegedly hires to babysit in the home with the children asleep upstairs. that's the tip of the iceberg. who? "jon & kate plus 8," who else? with the ink barely dry on divorce papers, mommy kate hits the book tour but stars on dansing with the stars. daddy, jon gosselin, moves into a $5,000 a month bachelor pad in new york city "exploring job opportunities." after a dating a string of women, turning up in bars all
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over the country. gosselin now bunking on the sofa at his brother's house. still no job. but listen to this, the very morning after kate survives a round of cuts on "dancing with the stars," jon files legal papers. the morning after demanding primary custody of the eight children and insisting he shouldn't pay child support to her. oh, no, she should pay him. bomb shell tonight. kate fires back. i have eight kids to raise, essentially, you know, by myself. >> how do you afford eight kids. >> i know what i have to do. >> kate and i both love our kids. >> my kids. >> eight children. >> our number one priority for kate and i are our kids. >> she's got the job, he doesn't. >> with kids behind you, you can
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do anything. >> he hasn't had a job since he did "jon & kate plus 8." >> that's my job, that's what i do. >> he gives $20,000 a month to kate. >> he was asking the court to review the child support. now he wants kate to be paying him. and he wants primary custody of the kids. he's asking the courts to review the issue of custody. he says she's an absentee mom. the way the order stands, kate gosselin has sole discretion. >> you can smile now. >> -- to determine whether or not jon is able to see the eight children. >> i did do my best with what i had at that moment. >> it's hard core. it's ridiculous. >> i love my kids. i've got to continue on. >> whose side are you on? >> if anybody's out there brave enough and great enough, bring them on. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace, i want to thank you for being with us. bomb shell tonight. south florida, grainy
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surveillance video emerges showing the car of a beautiful young mother of two being pushed down the bank into crystal lake. the murky water at the bottom of the lake. the perp, taking his time. riding off calmly on a bicycle like nothing happened. who's the star of the surveillance video? daddy. co-star? mommy's dead body. florida police have arrested a husband and father of two after they say video surveillance shows him dumping his missing wife's body in a lake. 43-year-old mom was last seen after dropping her kids off at school march 23rd. this week, investigators acting on a hunch were searching an area behind the building where the husband works. and notice the surveillance camera facing a lake. shows a man who police say is the husband drive up in the missing car, take a bicycle out of the trunk and proceed to push the car into the lake. hours later, the dive teams were in the lake where they found the
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car and her body in the passenger's seat, bag over her head. the husband was later arrested. he's now facing first-degree murder charges. >> and the case gets more strange with every turn, we have surveillance video showing the car being pushed into the lake where police found it. first we see a shadowy figure taking a bike out of the back. that's what he used to pedal from the scene of the crime. then he tries desperately to get the car in the water. police say that shadowy figure is her husband. >> wait a minute, something's missing. lisz, roll it back. let's take a look at daddy crying in front of the tv cameras begging mommy to come home to her children. >> we miss you. your children miss you. please come back. she loves her kids very well, very much so. that i do know that fact.
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she loves her kids. she is a good mother. she is very good mother. >> she's such a great mom, i don't know why i murdered her and pushed her into the lake. oops. to lauren grenado from wiod. what led police to crystal lake? and how did they get surveillance of a lake? >> well, nancy, the reason that the cops ended up at that particular location is because that happens to be the place where he works. that building where the surveillance video was gathered from comes from the building where he works for the florida department of transportation. happened to be focussed on the parking lot at that time. saw the car pull in, a man take a bicycle out of that trunk and drive the car into the fence and into the lake. >> to chief duncan foster. chief, it is a real pleasure to have you on with us.
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the chief is joining us from miami. on a hunch you guys go to crystal lake -- >> yes. >> while you're there, you discover -- good police work, by the way. you discover you look up and you see there's a surveillance camera. and you believe it's your duty to try to see if there's any video. right now you have no idea, nothing's at the bottom of the lake. then what happens, chief? >> well, the officers involved here did such a fantastic job. three off duty officers. they went out to the scene, they noticed that a fence had been trampled. and on their own took a boat out to the lake, started taking a look around and started thinking, where's a possible place that the car could have been dumped. they see a video camera and think what are the chances of this getting caught on videotape? sure enough, we contact the business owner, they give us permission to look at the videotape. and the tape you saw, obviously, we see the vehicle going inside
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the canal. and what's so phenomenal about this, 50 yards either way to the left or right, we don't capture that car going into the canal. great job by our officers, we're really proud of them. >> chief, when you go ask for the surveillance video. did you have any inkling that there was a car at the bottom of the lake? >> we were certainly had a hunch. but, again, the likelihood of being able to be in that right place at the right time where that video actually captures that car going into the lake, luck was with us that day. and i can't say enough about the officers who went out on their own and actually see that video. putting two and two together. great job. >> chief, why was there a video of the lake? >> what had happened is they set up video surveillance around the businesses just to capture the type of break-ins, what have you. and sure enough, that video led to that. >> so along with chief duncan foster is sergeant joe mchue.
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sergeant, what kind of businesses are around the lake? what is it like a corporate office area? and they've got a decorative lake in the middle or something? >> yes, they do. it's a corporate warehouse district. and it's a huge lake called crystal lake. it's a dumping ground for a lot of things. the lake is as deep as 70 feet deep. wow, this would be an outstanding place to dump a vehicle that could possibly be dumped for a long period of time. >> hey, liz, let's see that video of daddy begging, crying, mommy, come home to your children. we miss you. your children miss you. please come back. she loves her kids very well, very much so. that i do know that fact. she loves her kids. she is a good mother.
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suck up the s pl vacuum and ecc y cloths k r it cleans beer than a sucor your moy ba. pl vacuum sl ♪ five p a tragic end to the case of missing mom surya toha, her lifeless body found inside her car submerged in a lake adding to the horror and mystery, a bag covered her head. her car was found just hours after her husband, munawar stood in front of us making a tearful plea for her safe return.
8:16 pm
>> your children miss you, please come home. >> notice how quickly he composed himself. police tell us he pushed to make that televised plea. all along, detectives were suspicious by his entire performance. in a case that gets more strange with every turn, we have surveillance video showing surya's car being pushed into the lake where police found it. watch carefully. first we see a shadowy figure taking a bike out of the back. that's what police say he used to pedal away from the scene of the crime. then we watch as he tries desperately to get the car into the water. police say that shadowy figure is her husband. >> the investigation covered many different aspects and angles. officers, detectives, and myself, while we were off duty, we were thinking about places
8:17 pm
where the suspect may have put the car. officer conic thought that maybe behind where he works would be a good place, that big lake. so we went there. we found a hole in the fence. officer conig took his own personal boat out and went looking for the car. we were unable to find the car. >> unleash the lawyers. we are taking your calls live tonight. first of all, out of atlanta, felony prosecutor eleanor odem. defense attorney renee rockwell, and defense attorney in atlanta peter odem. don't you just hate it when your client calls, demands, a press conference and cries about half way through it and then about 15 or 30 seconds into it he goes, okay, any questions. like he totally stopped crying, no sniffling. that's an oscar-winning
8:18 pm
performance, renee. >> hollywood's not going to be looking for him. >> well, if they are, i know where they can find him. >> those police officers were probably happy to give him that interview blasting all over the news. but nancy, what they're going to do is, once he does something like that. and believe me, you'll see that video again in a courtroom. once he does something like that, the police sit back, have their criminologists, have their experts, their psychiatrists look at that, look at his body language and absolutely they weren't going anywhere else. they were looking right at him. and they decided to go and see where he dumped the body. >> eleanor? >> nancy, this tape would be great in court. because so many times i wish we had an actual video of the crime. you don't get that. and here is a prosecutor. we just hit the play button. >> you know, peter odem. how many times have i argued to a jury, what more do you want? a video? >> well, remember, nancy. you've got a video -- >> i don't think it's really
8:19 pm
that funny. you're actually the first person i've heard that laughed because she's leaving behind a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old little boy with mommy's head bludgeoned in. >> i'm not laughing at the tragedy. it's a horrible tragedy. but remember, we don't have a video of the crime itself, we have a video of him disposing of the body. one thing that the defense attorney when he's eventually -- going to look at. >> put him up. >> -- how the killing actually occurred. >> so you're saying we don't have a video of him bludgeoning her to death, we only have a video of him pushing the dead body bound in trash bags into the lake? and your point would be what, peter? >> my point is that the police have charged him now with first-degree murder. that means they have to prove his actual mental state, the exact circumstances of the killing, not just disposing of the body. >> hey, don't listen to him.
8:20 pm
ms. toha went missing on the 23rd after taking the kids to the school. after that, she basically dropped off the face of the earth. stopped using her cell phone, stopped using her credit cards. she was supposed to go to school that day to volunteer, she was -- she never showed up. ♪ eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... just got better. even better nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e, and b12. a good source of vitamin a and b2. plus omega 3's. and, 25% less saturated fat than ordinary eggs. but there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed: better taste. better taste. better taste. yum! [ female announcer ] eggland's best. better taste -- and now even better nutrition -- make the better egg. for ter taste -- and now even better nutrition --
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jon gosselin may have fired the first shot. a new custody battle over their eight kids. >> please, people, stop interfering in our lives. >> but now, wife and "dancing with the stars" contestant kate firing back. >> is this never going to end? >> kate's attorney says jon gosselin's suit is incoherent. >> suddenly you're a monster mom. >> it doesn't make sense. >> i'm completely embarrassed. >> adding jon has a history of trying to pull the plug on his wife when she's doing well. >> jon wants the attention back. jon wants to be off the f-list.
8:31 pm
>> give me the evidence you have that he is out at the bars in the evening and $90 champagne. >> he wants to go back in the spotlight. >> i do feel like it's unfair. >> meanwhile, the working mom, kate gosselin has now even more on her plate. tlc announcing today kate will get her own series "twist of kate" and will also star in "kate plus 8" specials while kate gets more work, radaronline reporting jon gosselin isn't happy about living with his brother. >> so how is it that he is going to take care of all of the children off of his brother's sofa and wants her to pay him? >> that's the beauty of it. >> this is a really frustrating situation for me. >> straight out to mark, columnist. kate fires back. what's the plan, mark? >> basically the lawyer for kate is saying that whatever jon has filed, it doesn't make sense.
8:32 pm
it doesn't have his address on it. and also says that he's appealing to the wrong people. that this should only be about the economics, not the custody. >> and to you, alexis with when they say incoherent, what are they getting at? what's the point? >> what kate's lawyer is saying is that jon is saying the most ridiculous things ever in this filing. he's saying that, you know, he maybe wants to live back in the guest house, which was part of the original agreement that when he has custody of the children, he can stay in the guest house. that he thinks he doesn't owe kate anymo kate any more money. it's not really written in a correct legal way. and asking for things that are ridiculous that are not fair when he's asking for full custody of these kids because kate's a working mom. well, she's the only one that is making any money to provide for these kids. >> okay. last night, jon gosselin's
8:33 pm
attorney came on. he's a very good attorney. and he has written me today. he is now under a confidentiality clause on a document. he cannot be with us tonight. but this is part of what he had to say last night. he has been out at every bar between his home and maryland with every girl, 20 and under -- 30 and under that he can get his hands on. partying, drinking, blowing money on expensive cars, $90 bottles of champagne. i find it very -- i mean, look, how can you say with a straight face he can't work when he's blowing money left and right on one ed hardy t-shirt is what? $200 or $300? give me a break. >> why don't you give me a break and give me the evidence that you have that he is out at bars in the evening and $90 champagne and doing all of these treacherous things you talk about.
8:34 pm
>> okay. here's the evidence. you made me do it. i didn't have to show these. partying, do the names 22-year-old haleigh glassman, kate major, 24-year-old stephanie santuro. i mean, here from the photos. you said where's the evidence? well, here it is. >> i can't see the photos. what did these photos depict? and try to be objective, if you could. >> out to the lines, ann in georgia. ann? >> caller: hi, nancy, love your show. >> thank you for calling in, dear. >> caller: yes, ma'am. i've got a couple of quick questions. number one, while i feel it is not fair that kate has all of the say so over the -- over the visitation rights, it also was not fair for jon to take the food out of the children's mouth
8:35 pm
by saying they can't be photographed anymore. so how does he think that he's going to take care of those eight children with no money? and no job? >> well, you know, i asked his lawyer that laes niglast night. and he had some theory that the courts had told -- or tlc had told jon gosselin he couldn't work. what i think he was trying to say or i don't know what his client had been telling him, actually. is that he had a noncompete clause. once he ended filming "jon & kate plus 8," i don't believe he could do anymore tv work until the end of that contract. what do you make of it? to vikki zeigler, divorce attorney out of new york. >> yeah, i think that jon gosselin worked before the tv world entered upon him and he probably can work again. maybe not in the tv world if there is a noncompete clause with tlc. i think it's ridiculous. i think kate gosselin's team of lawyers are going to come out
8:36 pm
swinging, saying he's underemployed if he's not working and fiwith the other women -- >> vikki, don't get me wrong. i'm a former prosecutor, i'm not the church lady. he can sleep whomever is willing to just hop in bed with him. and i don't care. that's their business. but what i do care about is him blowing the family assets. the money. a $90 bottle of champagne? >> that's -- >> if some waiter would hand me that menu, i'd drop it like a hot potato. $90 for one bottle of champagne? and that's just the tip of the iceberg. that's money out of those children's mouths. >> he's absolutely being frivolous. but i think the point is if you're going to be with other women for weeks and weeks and not see your children, how do you think you could substantiate being the parent of primary residence. the argument doesn't work. that's the problem. >> and vikki, what was the lawyer trying to say last night?
8:37 pm
and i'm not saying it's anthony list's fault. as i said, he's got a pretty good reputation. but see, he's going off of what gosselin is telling him, jon gosselin is telling him. suggesting that kate gosselin has all the say so about when and if he can see the children. i don't believe that. >> i think it's ludicrous. it's very unique in cases like this. usually you don't give one parent all the say regardless if they have physical custody and the other parent has parenting rights. it is very, very strange. i would have loved to see the arbitration transcript to see really what happens in this case. bizarre. i think the only leg that jon gosselin may have to stand on is if, in fact, that is the case that she is dictating parenting, maybe there's an amendment or certain schedule where he sees the children consistently. after, that's it. nothing's going on. >> to dr. jeff gardere, author of "love prescription." i'm not even going to ask you
8:38 pm
what went wrong. but now, with all of their children at stake -- and i'm not blaming kate gosselin for being away from home to work. i found out last night, she comes back to her home and practices all those dance moves, which is like being in boot camp, in her basement. in the basement of her home. she's not there in the studio with all of the other contestants training. she comes back home to work then flies back to the show. it's gruelling. so i'm not faulting her for working or having to travel to work. but it's so wrong to drag this through the public. why can't they work it out? >> well, because when you're going through a divorce or been through a divorce, there's something called temporary relationship insanity disorder where people are just not in their right mind. >> are you kidding me? did you make that up? >> no, it's in one of my books, nancy. >> did you make it up and put it in your book? what's the name?
8:39 pm
>> temporary relationship insanity disorder. in other words, people are thinking just with their hearts instead of their minds. and they misperceive or look at situations in a way that's just not rational. in jon gosselin's mind, he really believes kate is not being a good mother. and here's this woman who has to feed eight children. she goes on "dancing with the stars," making $200,000 for that show, guess where that money goes? to the kids. she built a studio in her home so she could spend as much time practicing in her home and flies out and does the show. to me, that's a concerned mom, and she stated, i want to take care of my children, whatever i need to do. >> we're going to break. happy birthday to alabama friend glenn. daughters kimberly, sarah, carey, melanie, all celebrating his birthday today. happy birthday, glen. what did we make better ?
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essentially, you know, by myself. >> she's got the job. >> there's so many moms across america working as hard as you and i do. >> he doesn't. >> wow, this is so challenging. >> now he wants her to support him with child support. >> i mean, i'm just shocked by the challenges. >> he doesn't have a job because he's bound by an agreement that was presented to him by tlc inhibiting him from engaging in any gainful employment. >> i find it very hard to believe he's under a contract where he cannot work at all. >> i know what i have to do. >> she's making a ton of money. >> there's nothing that will make me -- i'm going to nail this. >> i've got to work. i've got to provide. i've got to take care of my kids. so does kate. we're all providing for one thing. for our kids. we're not providing for ourselves because we have eight kids. >> straight out to the director of prevention programs
8:45 pm paul, how difficult would it be to show or to discover whether jon gosselin has actually been looking for a job? >> i don't think it's difficult at all. you're going to want somebody with a skill set. a private investigator to track down and see exactly what he's doing. the burden is on him to show that he's been pursuing employment. and as a single father, if it means making pancakes in the morning, burgers in the afternoon, and tacos at night. you do what it takes to take care of your children. it's not the other way around. they shouldn't bring the value of your job to you. >> lisa, iowa, hi, lisa. >> caller: hi. >> what's your question? >> caller: i have a question -- are jon and kate divorced? because i heard on "showbiz tonight" or one of them -- the shows that come on after you said something about him going after for spousal support. he can't -- can he get spousal support after they're divorced? >> okay, lisa in iowa. they are divorced. he is not seeking spousal
8:46 pm
support. that's like alimony. another word for alimony. he is seeking child support. i don't believe he had ever asked her this go around anyway for alimony. everybody, you're seeing video from abc's "dancing with the stars." to vikki in kentucky. hi, vikki. >> hi. >> i want to say i love your kids and i love your show. and my mom, she's your biggest fan. and if -- >> thank you. >> caller: i would just like to say what kind of judge would let him have these children when he is sleeping on a couch himself? he doesn't even have a roof over his own head? where is he going to put the kids at? on the floor? >> you know what, vikki in kentucky. whatever you're doing for a living, you need to stop. you need to go and get you a black robe and get up behind a bench. because truer words were never spoken.
8:47 pm
what about it, eleanor? >> well, she said something interesting. and the judge is always going to look out for the best interest of the children. the judge will see what's best for the kids and place them there. and right now kate is the best parent for those children. >> rockwell. >> i disagree with both of you. nancy, he doesn't need to be looking for a job. he needs to be looking for a house. because if he could get custody of those children, then he's going to get child support. >> he is looking for a house. >> okay. but if -- >> i don't know how he's going to pay for it. because he's going to have to get a job. >> if she's flying all over, she has no time for those children and she's going to end up leaving the children with a bunch of nannies. let me tell you something, he's still in the running for getting those kids. >> you know, renee, i'm going to play this back for you in six months. odom, what about it? >> he didn't file this petition because he wants the children.
8:48 pm
he filed this petition so he has bargaining power to lower his child support. this man's not capable of taking care of eight kids. he doesn't want to, no judge is going to let him. he wants bargaining power, period. >> god in heaven help me, but peter odom, i think you're right. out to the lines. >> caller: hi, nancy. love you, love your show. i -- i -- renee and the other defense attorney are making me crazy. why is everybody hating on kate? what she is doing, is she is making money to feed her kids. jon was a dead beat dad when it was "jon & kate plus 8." i watched that show for a whole year. he was a dead beat dad then. why is he going to be any different now? >> renee? >> it comes to me, nancy. it always changes, nancy. every day is a new story. and if he -- as long as he's not abusing -- >> doesn't make any sense. >> what i'm -- >> every day is a new story.
8:49 pm
>> nothing is chiselled in stone, nancy. and you know that the situation -- >> i know -- >> if he can -- >> renee -- >> -- he's got a job. he can be a good father to those children. and she would -- >> wait, wait -- out, out, you're still talking. renee, you keep going on and on about a house. he doesn't have money to buy a house, doesn't have a job, and he's sleeping on his brother's sofa. he's not getting the children. we're taking your calls live. i think peter odom hit the nail on the head. this is all about bargaining power and getting payments lowered or somehow getting money out of his ex-wife. let's stop and remember bill tigerman allen, 68, passed away at a war veterans home. a vietnam helicopter pilot. a military, a member of the military order of the purple heart out of louisiana. he always had these words of
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advice. them in the eye when you speak, always to remember to respect your elders, don't lie, cheat or steal, protect god, family and country and be proud to be an american. tonight, we remember bill "tigerman" allen. he leaves behind his wife mary, three sisters, children rob and shane, four grandchildren, one great grandchild. bill "tigerman" allen. war hero. good night, friend. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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rod, the district attorney in riverside county, california. he's here tonight about the fourth annual victims' rights march. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me, nancy, i appreciate it. >> what can you tell me about the march? what's the inception? how did it get started? >> we started it when i got elected district attorney january of '07. we've been doing it for the past three years. we do it to reaffirm our commitment to the victims in our community, to also reach out to the victims and make sure they
8:55 pm
understand they're not alone, as you know, being victimized is a very ice larting experience for folks. we also want the larger community to understand what's important in society and that's public safety and protecting folks. it's very, very successful. we've had literally thousands of people, these last three years, at the march. >> rod, why is it in our constitution the defendant, the suspect, the accused gets all the protection, victims get nothing. >> well, it's unfortunate but in california we've taken a great deal of steps -- a great number of steps, excuse me, to change that and to provide victims with rights. marcy's law was an initiative that was passed last year that provided a great number of rights for victims and those victims are now using them in our courts. we had a death penalty case that had been continued over 135 times. the victims' father came in, in
8:56 pm
open court, spoke to the judge, objected to the continuance under marcy's law and the judge stopped the continuances, the defendants both had to go to trial and both were convicted and given the death penalty. things are starting to turn around a bit in california, thank goodness. >> rod, district attorney of riverside county in california. victims' rights march, april 22. for victims that, to the go to the march, what do you want to tell them. >> go to downsite riverside, literally. we'll march to our office where we have a victims memorial wall. on that wall are all the names of the victims that have unfortunately passed away in riverside county at the hands of another. everyone, let's stop and remember, army special cameron payne, 22, corona, california, killed iraq.
8:57 pm
awarded the bronze star purple heart combat infantry badge. loved telling jokes, video games, dreamed of living in the pacific northwest. leaves behind mother denise, brother cody, high school sweetheart julie. a friend says he'll name his first born cameron. a special good night from georgia, friend. kay, isn't she beautiful? >> i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp. until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac --
8:58 pm
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